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If you would like to enquire about leasing opportunities of vacant units in Northfield Shopping Centre, please contact either of our Letting Agents on the details below:

Cushman and Wakefield
James Merrett
[email protected]


Barker Proudlove

James Lamming
[email protected]
07715 678 630

Tom Prescott
[email protected]
07841 168 163


Green & Partners

Olly Gardner
[email protected]
020 7659 4825

Adam Bindman
[email protected]
020 7659 4848

Creative Retail
[email protected]
07793 908 974

[email protected]
07831 856 733

SpaceandPeople PLC manages commercial space within Northfield Shopping Centre. Founded in 2000, the company has a wealth of experience matching brands, promoters and retailers with the right locations. SpaceandPeople adds vitality and enhances the customer experience in venues, resulting in placements that deliver success and raise brand awareness.

For more information contact:

0845 241 8215
[email protected]