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If you would like to enquire about leasing opportunities of vacant units in Northfield Shopping Centre, please contact either of our Letting Agents on the details below:

Cushman and Wakefield
James Merrett
[email protected]


Barker Proudlove

Chris Nutter
07927 561 994
[email protected]

Creative Retail
[email protected]
07793 908 974

[email protected]
07831 856 733

Please note that Northfield Shopping Centre is a non-political entity and as such, regrettably we do not offer promotional or display opportunities to political parties or for activities where there is a political element. The Management of the Centre are the final arbiters of determining whether a proposed booking has any political element.

For RMU hire and promotional space hire the contact is Space and People

0845 130 9709
[email protected]